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Roller Coaster Journey of Emotion in Arjun Kapoor Life

Arjun Kapoor the handsome and talented actor in bollywood is the perfect example of the phrase’money can’t buy happiness’. Doesn’t matter even if your father is the bollywood biggest producer. We can say that the we have seen a Roller coaster journey of emotions in bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor life. The 33 year old Arjun Kapoor is Boney Kapoor’s son but he never considered late Sridevi as his mother. Arjun in the chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’ said that Sridevi will always be his father’s wife and not his mother. And it was said that Boney had an extra-martial affair with Sridevi and she was pregnant before there marriage .Arjun’s real mother’s name was Mona Kapoor and Arjun lost her due to cancer before the release of first film Ishaqzade.

A look at Arjun Kapoor’s life-
                                                                        Arjun Kapoor with his mom Mona Kapoor

Anshula Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Boney Kapoor at Mona Kapoor’s funeral

After his first movie hit by leaving all the competition beside he was considered the new debutant actor. Who proved that bollywood does not exist till nepotism and if you have talent than you can conquer the world.

Arjun kapoor roller coaster journey of emotions does not end here as he did one movie Ki and Ka. Where he lost his mother at a very early age. He said that i still miss her and i want to be like my mom in future because my mom was an artist. I guess through movie he told the audience that how important her mother was to him.

 Arjun with her sister Anshul Kapoor

It’s co-incidence or it should be called as luck but Arjun’s mom Mona Kapoor died just before the release of his first movie Ishaqzade. Same goes to the Boney Kapoor’s second wife also where Sridevi died just before the release of Jhanvi Kapoor’s first movie Dhadhak.

‘You are brave because life gives you every reason to want to give up but still you rise, pick yourself up and carry on’. This sentence was wrote by Arjun in Instagram after Sridevi’s death. Arjun was hinting at his step-sisters or it was for himself, we really don’t know. But Arjun was present in all the ceremonies of Sridevi funeral even though he never considered her as his mom. But just like a dotting son he was there with his father and his step sisters to give them moral support.

 Arjun Kapoor with his sisters Khushi Kapoor, Anshul Kapoor and Jhanvi Kapoor

I just want to say that ‘Arjun Kapoor deserves massive respect . He is surely a god gift to his family and friends. All parents wants a son like him and all sisters wants a brother like him.

In the end i just want to conclude by saying that Arjun Kapoor’s life is full of roller coaster of emotions..!!

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