shahid kapoor gambling game with batti gull meter chalu

Shahid Kapoor’s Gambling Game in Bollywood..

Shahid kapoor’s Batti gull meter chalu gave me a chance to finally pour my heart out to everyone that Shahid Kapoor hands down is all time my favorite actor in bollywood. Shahid kapoor is the Bollywood’s finest and the most versatile actor. After Kamniney i also agree that’Life me paisa kamane k do tarike hote hain- ek FORT CUT or doosra FHOTA FORT CUT’. And yes Shahid Kapoor’s Gambling Game with Batti Gull Meter Chalu is again ready in Bollywood.

gambling game of shahid kapoor
Shahid Kapoor in Kaminey
This year Shahid Kapoor has come up with another movie which is Batti Gull Meter Chalu after Padmavat which is a double bonanza for the audience. Shahid Kapoor’s Gambling Game in Bollywood has become ‘kya se kya'(shockingly amazing) just by Dekhte Dekhte’. Slowly and steadily he is ruling the bollywood.
Shahid in a still from the song dekhte dekhte shahid kapoor's batti gull meter chalu.
After Haider, this would be the second time that Shahid is working with Shradha kapoor. Again history will repeat itself and Batii gull meter chalu will be a blockbuster hit. and This time would be special as Shahid is already blessed with a new member in his family. Promotions are done at it’s peak by the actors and the whole crew.
shahid and shradha in batti gull meter chalu
The boy which used to be chocolaty in the starting of his career is now seen donning beard and mustache in every movie. He has experimented a lot with his looks in every movie. So whether it is the bald look in haidar or the long hair in kismat konnection
shahid kapoor's gambling game in bollywood

Shahid in different looks shahid kapoor's gambling game in bollywood
And we can not forget Shahid’s Tony look in udta punjab. To which Shahid said i still wonder how Mira’s parents agreed to make her daughter marry tony. I will never ever allow my daughter to marry a guy like that.
shahid kapoor's gambling game in bollywood Shahid and misha
Hence proved, Shahid kapoor’s gambling game with batti gull meter chalu is not a cup of tea for the new generation star like Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

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